what is the best chatting app for android?


Best chatting app for Android Mobile is given bellow

Whatsapp: One of the most used messaging apps in the world, Whatsapp is very easy to set up and it’s free. You can chat, and share things like your location, photos, documents, and contacts. You can also make video and voice calls. The set up requires you to grant it access to your contacts, so it can automatically populate your contact list. One of the things that are so attractive about this app, other than its massive popularity, is the addition of end-to-end encryption for privacy and security. It also supports GIFs and Snapchat-like editing features for fun.
FB Messenger: It has owned separate messaging app that makes it very convenient to chat with friends and family. It will automatically populate your contacts, but you can also add a contact, or allow someone to add you as a contact, by scanning a unique code. There are plenty of free stickers and you can send GIFs. The video and voice calling are clear and very reliable. On Android, the “Chat Heads” feature allows you to keep a chat icon floating on top
We Chat: Chat is the most popular app in China with over 700 million users. It offers the usual messaging app features like photo sharing, or video and voice calls. But with WeChat you also get features like “Friend Radar,” “People Nearby,” and “Shake” to help you find friends who are near you. This app is available for Android Wear and Apple Watch
Google allo or google Hangouts: Hangouts is a communication platform that is made by Google. it has some amazing features like as messaging, video calling and VOIP etc. This app supports all the android and ios device.

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