How do I increase my computer typing speed?


This is really a good target you’ve chosen. Being a part of digital world, typing speed is really matter a lot. Assuming that you are a touch typer, you pretty much already known how to type. But keyboard typing is much more different than touch typing.

The dream of every beginner is to direct themself to reach 100 WPM. Although, I myself haven’t achieved that target yet,  but I found a resource which really helping me and I am sure it can change your way of typing.

So, basically, one thing you need to develop your typing speed is Muscle Memory. And to achieve that, you will need to practice some set of the word a lot of times. Now the question comes, where to pick these words form? I personally use this ( website to improve my WPM. You can also try this website for practice typing. I’m sure you will improve definitely.

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