Our Mission :

It might be lengthy but it’s worth a read.

When you look for a solution to any query on Google or any other search engine, the primary job of those engines is to find the best possible web pages available in the globe, and send it directly to you, the users.

But it is impossible for any search engine to perfectly determine the quality of the content, contained in a web page. Search engines have no direct way to do that. They follow some basic set of rules issued by their owner. Basically, they display results as they wish.

They determine the quality of a web page by thousands of predetermined factors, called SEO rules. Their list of websites for different questions is determined by those factors. And it is not necessary that the best content for a users query will be displayed foremost. There are thousands of good web pages available on the internet but as most of the website holders didn’t know the exact SEO rules, they never ranked in Google’s results display page. So, when you are searching for any content on Google, there is a solid chance that you are not getting possibly the best content to support your query. I am not saying that the results shown by the search engines are totally a waste, but rather I am saying that you are not getting the best resource. People with good SEO knowledge are playing with Google. That’s the limitation of any search engine.

There are thousands of techniques for a website to rank first in a google search result. You may research on it. if you do, you will realize how internet users, like you are being fooled by some website owners and some SEO experts.

Anyone who knows the SEO factors can play with Google isn’t it. And that’s happening. Almost every website has a group who handle the SEO for their websites. they expertise in the field by performing thousands and thousands of experiments. They can rank any website with low-quality content in the googles first page. Websites are paying a considerable amount of money on SEO. Google actually fighting this limitation and is their biggest challenge at present.

YouTube is a good example of understanding the matter. People who use YouTube have surely experienced fake videos.

Some video contents are totally different than their title, but they rank higher. Some videos have millions of views but are provided with wrong information. Some videos have attractive thumbnail but the content is not what it promises through its thumbnail. Thousands of other issues are there to prove my sentiments.

I personally experienced it when I uploaded an HD nature video with porn-related tags (keywords) and proper descriptions, it hit 2 lakh views in just 24 hours. Just think!

If they (YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) can bring you the most relevant contents, so why—

1.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7Ltbmvx5VI (fake video but has millions of views)
2.  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=seo (How did Neil Patel rank first within a few days, when there are so many excellent videos are available there )
3.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNw3i8A9RTA ( Grandfather paradox proves that (Know in Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_travel#The_grandfather_paradox) time travel is impossible, so how does this man claims to travel in time?)
and many other’s. (Currently, is not in my mind)

Conclusion: A search engine determines the quality of a web page content, not by reading every page the internet has, but by following some set of rules. And some SEO persons are playing with search engines and internet users like you.

Askforurl is a concept to overcome this present biggest challenge of google or any other search engine. We work with subtle differences and simple ways. When someone discovers the best solution for any query, they should submit that query and its best solution, at AskforURL in a question-answer format, so that people with the same query in future can directly access that resource. If someone else finds another best solution according to him/her for the same question/query, they too can submit the resource for that question. As a result, a no. of best answer collection will be made, and among them, the best will be determined by voting the or as determined best by the question holder.

Every person has faced somewhat or the other problems in life. Somewhere and somehow they have come up with a solution. We want that exact destination from where they have overcome their problems so that in future any person with the same issue can directly access that resource.
When you answer, please put a link that supports your context. If you only inform the resource, then people would have to find the exact destination for that resource on some other platform. Please write your discovered answer with every details and links – something that you wish you had when you were in trouble. So please put a link where they can quench their thirst. Then the World can save a considerable amount of time to focus on learning about a topic rather than finding the right place for it. One will definitely suffer, but the rest enjoy the link after thanking you for your hard work.
People usually go through several websites, YouTube videos, google a lot for his/her query. lose a major time to find the best/suitable URL/destination for their query. Once, if a person finds the right one, why should the other also waste this same time to find the answer to the same query.
Once an Indian philosopher Chanakya said “Learn from the mistakes of others… you can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!!”

In another way, you can say we, the people at AskforURL want to make a search engine by people’s choice, and by people’s experience. Everything (Question & Answer) will be determined by people without any partiality.
In AskforURL if any website holder wants to rank their website at the first position, they have to request 7 billion people in the globe to up-vote their site. It is practically impossible to do that. Hahaha…. isn’t it.

Please refer “About Us” to know more about our mission and then return back to this page.

If you understand our concept, please create an account and start sharing your real life experience and knowledge to others, to build a better search engine. So that no more website owner can cheat on us and we can access the best resource in the globe whenever we need.

We are going to build a platform that is impossible without the contribution of you people. Please join our community if you like our idea and mission, and don’t forget to share this platform information with your friends, so that we can make a better world together.